We believe that training should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Our program is designed to give your dog positive rewards for positive behavior. This method works much faster and is greatly preferred over other methods that rely on negative reinforcement.

We can work with most any breed, at any age. Certainly the earlier your puppy or dog (12 weeks
or older) begins training the better--before any unwanted behavior becomes a pattern.

Training is done at our facility. Dogs are trained throughout the day and may be boarded if necessary. After an initial consultation, we can design a program to meet the individual needs
of your dog and your schedule.

Problem Solving
A 'problem' is any behavior which is unacceptable to you. Chewing, biting, wetting, jumping or stealing food--just to name a few-- can be corrected. Good Dog provides an individual approach for every dog and for every unwanted behavior.

Visit our training center and see our training techniques in action.




Howard Mellin
is a registered professional
dog trainer and owner
of Good Dog in Chicago,
Illinois. His genuine love..